Visible and invisible  energies are all around us, moving as swiftly as currents of water, light and air. When we learn to recognize and use them, we find new insights, new capabilities, solutions to complex issues, healing and joy. The flow of energies in our lives form the shape of our future. 

My intuitive and psychic abilities helps communicate important insights to my clients which helps them accomplish their goals and realize their dreams.

What are Magical Awakenings? When we are open to them, our ability to change our life and create what we desire is more potent.

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When we shuffle the cards and then select several which we consult for a reading, we are bringing order out of chaos. There are no accidents in our choosing. We see what we need to see.

When we feel that there is something that is just not flowing freely in our life, an impartial source may be the best at identifying that impediment. What we may discover in this way may or may not be a revelation of some wild possibility we never considered. 

However, people frequently discover validation in a reading. The reader may indicate something which the client already knows, perhaps intuitively, but perhaps life experiences have caused us to doubt our selves and discount our insights.  What a relief it can be to know that what we secretly know is really our best choice, and that there is more than one way to view our progress and our path. The reader is neutral in getting visions, and these may often encourage a person to go ahead and follow their calling.

Why is it that sometimes in dreams and in daydreams we get messages that later happen in real life? At the time of the occurrence of the dream, or the original appearance of the thought, our tendency may be to dismiss it as fantasy because it does not seem to fit our expectations, or it seems so far out of the ordinary progress of events in our life. 

That is because we may forget that dreams are messages from spirit. Where do you think those random thoughts come from? When you encounter a person in dreams whom you do not know, why do you think that person has entered your consciousness? Spirit will not send us a messenger and then refuse to deliver the message.

We may often find ourselves drawn to a particular time or place in history. Why do you think that is? It may well be an indication of past life or karma that is still affecting us today. Why are some of us born with certain fears or visceral discomfort with certain types of situations? Why are we born with certain talents and abilities? A past life recall may be the only way to discover the root of this issue. 

Why is it that we find ourselves in a situation or type of relationship that feels familiar even though it is new? Once we access a larger view of our life and notice that we have found ourselves in similar situations at different points, we are better able to see clearly and make choices that lead to profound healing, discovery, joy and freedom.

Why is it that sometimes we are in a place that seems to contain an uncomfortable energy even though it may be beautiful and attractive? Once again, our subtle senses, our unconscious perception detects something that needs to be cleared. There may be a residue that lingers that was not of our making but yet it provides a static in our present receptivity, interruptions in our clarity and peace of mind.

We are capable of much more than we think we are. 

There are things that we know, and things that we don't know. And among those things that we don't know we can summon a new order from the chaos. We may not know where to look, but with a skilled guide, the mysteries and magic of the unknown can become available to us.

I have more than 40 years experience in helping people navigate their way through changes, using a variety of techniques to address individual needs.

People can become more empowered by learning how to do reiki, use cards, use runes, use drums or other tools and techniques and I teach people how to do these things.

 Let me show you how to use both the visible and invisible streams of energy that are always here to help you achieve your desires and your dreams.

Are you ready to open to a magical awakening?

What method appeals to you? 
Tarot Readings
Past Life Readings
House Blessings
Reiki Master, Healer & Teacher

Meditation Lessons
Dream Interpretation

If you want to create a magical awakening in your life, call or email me now. I am always happy to hear from new people.


Dan Liss

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